Luer Lock Safety Syringe

  • Luer Lock Safety Syringe
Luer Lock Safety Syringe
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Luer Lock Safety Syringe

  • Item No.:  KTC28-LLSS
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Product Feature

Kantecare Luer Lock Safety Syringe was engineered from the ground-up over a number of years to be the best safety syringe available. The Luer Lock Safety Syringe provides assured protection and performance advantages for healthcare professionals. The Luer Lock hub means the syringe is compatible with all kinds of standard hypodermic needle.

Designed for Safety

  • Engineered, integral safety design
  • No add-on pieces
  • Hands and fingers stay behind the needle at all time
  • Needle withdraws into the barrel
  • Permanently disabled

Easy to Use

  • Looks and functions like a traditional syringe
  • Minimal training and supervision required
  • No change in clinical technique
  • No obstructing parts
  • Optimal low-angle injection
  • Audible and visible confirmation of safety features
  • Bold, easy-to-read gradations


  • Accurate dose with minimal dead space
  • Reduce hazardous waste volume
  • Potential to reduce waste disposal cost
  • Inventory standardization with full product range
  • Ready compliance with industry regulations
  • Reduce costs associated with needlesticks

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