Kantecare donated solar lights and medicines to Africa orphans

Kantecare donated solar lights and medicines to Africa orphans

After a tour of investigation to Africa, the CEO of Kantecare, Mr. Sun noticed that the children in Africa are in poor lighting condition and lack of basic medicines, for supporting charity and caring about the Africa orphans, as a healthcare solution provider, solar products solution provider and medical devices supplier, Kantecare decided to donate to ACC in Malawi (Amitofo Care Centre—Blantyre Branch) with 300 sets of solar lights and some kinds of basic medicines, such as antimalarial medicines, cold medication and so on. The donation will be delivered at the end of the month from China by sea, and ACC Malawi may receive the goods two months later.

About ACC

ACC (The Amitofo Care Centre) is founded and directed by Buddhist clergy from the East, the mission is to care for Africa orphans within the humanitarian and educational umbrella. The principles are based on local African culture, Chinese culture and Buddhist philosophy which are given to the orphans in need.

Just like ACC says:” love has no boundary”, Kantecare hopes to help the Africa orphans out of trouble with the pygmy effort, and wishes them far away from malarial and enjoy a brighter tomorrow.

Kantecare will continue to focus on providing affordable medical devices and solar products ( solar power system, solar lights) to remote, underserved communities around world.

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