Medical professionals are seriously lacked in the worldwide

Medical professionals are seriously lacked in the worldwide

Last week, the Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health was held in Recife of Brazil, the Ministers of Health from 35 countries and representative from 85 countries and regions attended the forum.

On November 11, World Health Organization reported that 7.2million of medical professionals are lacked currently, and the number will be increased to 12.9 million after 20 years. In 186 countries under surveyed, 118 of them have less than 59.4 doctors in every 10 thousand people.

The report explained that the main reasons of medical professionals lacking are the aging of the doctors and part of people give up their medical major and seek for higher incoming jobs. In addition, due to lacking of practical experience, young doctors can’t replace the older generation of doctors completely.

At the same time, the international and internal immigrant flows also aggravates the imbalance of medical personnel quantity in different area, therefore, the report suggested that the countries shall adopt special measures to retain medical professionals.

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