Ultrasound device may help to treat ischemic stroke

Ultrasound device may help to treat ischemic stroke

A recent study by the university of Texas health science center shows that the ultrasound device may treat ischemic stroke combined with thrombolytic drugs.

According to Dr. Andrew Barreto, the study author, an assistant professor of neurology, when the onset of ischemic stroke, the blood flow to the brain is blocked, using an ultrasound device treatment on the blood clots in the patient's head, and combining with the use of tPA drugs, the therapeutic effect will get better.

Total 12 men and 8 women participated the study, their average age is 63 and all with moderately severe ischemic strokes, the researchers let them taking the tPA within four and a half hours after the starting of stroke symptoms and treated them with ultrasound device. Within 90 days after treatment, 65% of the patients had recovered and been released from hospital or were in post-stroke rehabilitation, 25% of the patients had no stroke-related disability

To verify the research results, the team has launched clinical testing with 830 stroke patients of the ultrasound approach combined with the clot buster, Dr. Andrew Barreto also said.

Kantecare provides all kinds of medical devices, and ultrasound device is included, we wish the medical technology get final positive proven, so that it can help stroke patients recover.

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